High Street Bowral Showcased In Urban Design Guide for Regional NSW

July 8, 2020

High Street Bowral was recently mentioned in the news: Bowral’s High Street included in the Urban Design Guide for Regional NSW that recognises and celebrates the diversity of urban environments, natural landscapes, climates and communities that exist across vast rural areas.

The Guide is supported by ten case studies which showcase best practice in a range of project types in each of the regions. The case studies play a role in describing how different urban design priorities have been implemented by design teams with their clients.

Government Architects NSW explain that Regional NSW is full of vibrant and diverse cities, towns and villages located across coastal areas, rolling tablelands, alpine snow fields and vast outback areas.

Good urban design has a crucial role to play in regional NSW to ensure quality of life in all these places and to help create healthy, happy and prosperous communities.

The High Street Bowral case study can be found here:

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