4 High Street Bowral Shops You Can Visit to Pamper Yourself

April 13, 2023

There will be times when you want to just leave your home and visit a place that can bring joy and excitement to your life. Some of you may want to visit your friends or colleagues to just talk and hang out for a little while. Others, alternatively, might travel to a shopping mall to shop for things that they may need or simply want.

The number of people visiting shopping malls may be on a downward trend due to the boom of e-commerce. However, they are still relevant to many people today as they can serve as a place to just relax. After all, shopping malls typically house stores and establishments that can provide products and services right away. They likewise feature an ambience that can somehow give a comforting feeling to people who just want to experience a new environment.

High Street Bowral is a shopping mall you can visit in Bowral. Upon visiting our mall, you will be greeted by shops that you can openly visit to pamper yourself.

  1. Bare Body Beauty Co. (Shop 21)

Launched in 2014, Bare Body Beauty Co. continues to be an evolving business that offers over 150 beauty and health products to people all over Australia. This specific store’s offerings are often made from natural and organic ingredients, allowing you to use their products without causing harm to the environment. They are also sustainable, cruelty-free, hand-made, and Australian-made. Some products the store offers include Vitamin C Face Serum, Hemp Face Moisturiser, Silk Body Oil, and Tub of Scrub.

  1. Blooms of Bowral Florist (Shop 6 & 7)

Pampering yourself does not only involve applying products to your body. It can also be done by shopping through flower arrangements and placing them in various corners and spaces of your bedroom or office space. Luckily, Blooms of Bowral Florist in High Street Bowral can offer a wide range of fresh, beautifully made flower arrangements that can often last for a long time. Whether it is a single stem or a bouquet, this store can prepare them as soon as you order one. You even have the option to have it delivered to someone.

  1. Fera Shoes Bowral (Shop 20)

Retail therapy can often help shoppers like you make yourself feel better, especially once you have bought something that you truly like. Fera Shoes Bowral aims to provide the same satisfaction by offering a wide array of shoes from various brands like Ecco, EMU, Ugg Australia, Saramanda Shoes, Sandler, Easy Steps, Hush Puppies, and many more. And since their staff are trained fitting specialists, you and your companions may swiftly get and purchase products that can suit your preference and style.

  1. Sheer Serenity (Shop 23)

Sheer Serenity is a skin and beauty clinic that you must not miss. This award-winning establishment in High Street Bowral maximises skilled and passionate therapists, a quality treatment menu, and a serene, beautifully designed space to ensure that a luxurious experience can be offered to clients. They offer clinical-grade rejuvenation treatments and clinically validated skin care services that can help elevate your physical and mental health.

Many more shops can be found in High Street Bowral. Visit us now at 310 – 312 Bong Bong Street Bowral NSW 2576.

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