4 Ways Shopping Mall Tenants Can Take Advantage of Wi-Fi Connectivity

June 9, 2022

Before agreeing to the tenancy terms of a shopping mall, businesses would check first a lot of factors. Some of these factors include the foot traffic, accessibility to parking spaces, the overall ambience of the mall, and the demographics of the local area.

But one element that many businesses also check nowadays is Wi-Fi connectivity. You see, many shopping centres today invest in Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure that the needs of the shoppers will be accommodated. Shoppers, after all, utilise Wi-Fi to continuously check their newsfeed, carry out important search queries regarding specific products, and so on.

Shopping mall tenants, fortunately, can also take advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity. Here are some ways shopping mall tenants can benefit from this type of internet connection.

  1. Improve Shopping Experience

One way shopping mall tenants can take advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity is to provide enhancements to the shopping experience of their visitors. Visitors who are visiting the shops may most likely be connected to Wi-Fi. Shops can then capture and analyse customer data that comes from the Wi-Fi network. The data, which may show the frequency of shop visits, number of receipts on a specific day, and other demographic information, can subsequently be utilised by shopping mall tenants in improving their sales and marketing strategy as well as the overall shopping experience of customers.

  1. Enhance Product Promotion

Aside from improving the shopping experience, shopping mall tenants can also take advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity by enhancing their product and brand promotion. Some Wi-Fi connections require users to sign up or log in on a portal before they can fully access the internet. Through the portal’s landing pages, shopping mall tenants can put their ads on the available ad spaces and promote their offerings, discounts, and other promotional elements. Shopping mall tenants can also take advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity to send some notifications to customers who may be part of their target market.

  1. Expand Social Media Presence

Another way shopping mall tenants can take advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity is to expand the social media presence of their businesses. Almost all businesses today rely on social media sites to announce important news, update customers about their offerings, and launch new products and services. With a continuous connection to Wi-Fi, shopping mall tenants can still do all these things without any problems. As they update their status on the internet, social media users can be informed about the shops. Shopping mall tenants can likewise answer any queries that they may come across online.

  1. Secure Loyalty of Customers

Some customers tend to go back to stores that offer their needed items. While a lot of them go back regularly, others end up finding other stores within the same shopping centre. To ensure that past clients and customers will go back, stores can utilise Wi-Fi connectivity in sending promotional messages to existing customers who are already within their vicinity. These messages or notifications may be comprised of coupons or discounts that customers can use when purchasing their favourite items from the stores they have already visited before. Doing this can help improve the loyalty of customers.

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