5 Reasons Why Retail Owners Choose High Street Bowral as their Location

April 29, 2021

Retail owners typically consider a lot of factors to effectively become profitable after a few months or years of operations. Some of these factors may include the types of products or services they offer, their overall marketing strategy, after-sale services, and many more.

But one crucial factor that many of them think about is the location of their physical shops. While the industry of e-commerce has significantly expanded over the past few years, the physical presence of retail businesses can still yield great results to business owners, especially if they are in strategic areas. And in choosing these areas, they would usually consider the demographics of the people nearby, as well as the features that may be present and can be helpful for their physical shop in the long run.

And here at High Street Bowral, we offer various features that have enticed retail owners to set up their physical shops. Some of the reasons why they choose us as their primary location are as follows:

  1. Strong Public Connection

Our establishment is comprised of a two-storey retail arcade that extends to the public space. Through our connection to the busiest street of Bowral, different shoppers can gain access to retail shops without any difficulties. Likewise, the increasing pedestrian traffic of the local community over the past few years would allow retail owners to obtain local business exposure for their physical shops.

  1. Historical Streetscape

Aside from strong public connection, retail owners also choose us as their primary location due to the engagement of our establishment with the character of Bowral’s main street. High Street Bowral is designed to complement the historical streetscape of the mentioned street. Hence, physical stores on our establishment can conveniently blend in with the historical elements, allowing the locals to feel at home.

  1. Flexible Retail Spaces

The retail spaces that our establishment offer can cater to different types of retail owners. Large businesses can effectively take spaces that can provide a steady stream of income and attract more customers. Start-up, alternatively, can still obtain spaces that would increase their exposure and stabilise their profit. But no matter how big or small the shops are, retail owners can enjoy the liberty of designing their shopfronts and signage, as long as they adhere to our tenancy guidelines.

  1. Long-Lasting Structure

Retail owners want to set up their shops in places that would last for a long time. Fortunately, our establishment is comprised of materials that can help them do their businesses without worrying about damages and structural problems. We utilise brass street drains, signage, street furniture, local face brick, and Australian granite paving that are both attractive and durable against elements.

  1. Sustainable Environment

The overall comfort of customers must be hugely considered for the shops to be appreciated fully. With our sustainable and pleasant environment, retail owners can ensure that their customers would feel relaxed as they roam around their shops. We incorporated an irrigation system for rainwater collection, adjustable awnings for light and air control, and an open-air design for a better customer experience.

To know more about us, feel free to contact us at High Street Bowral.


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