5 Safety Shopping Tips that Can Prevent You from Contracting COVID-19

June 23, 2021

Although the overall tally of people getting vaccinated increases every day, the threat of COVID-19 is still out there. Consequently, shopping mall owners and managers still have to adhere to basic operation protocols to ensure that any spread of the virus will be prevented on their vicinities. They likewise must make sure that all shoppers, store employees, and other shopping mall personnel will strictly follow health safety guidelines to prevent them from obtaining COVID-19.

We, at High Street Bowral, comply with all government guidelines that are necessary for us to resume our operations. But for our establishment to be truly safe from the COVID-19 threat, shoppers like you should also do their part to minimise the chance of contracting the virus. Here are some safety shopping tips that you can do to prevent contracting COVID-19.

Practise Social Distancing

Social distancing can be a great help for a lot of people since the COVID-19 will not easily transfer to others if they are far from each other. Shopping malls implement rules and regulations that prevent people from grouping up together in enclosed spaces. As for you, you must follow these rules and regulations all the time, and practise social distancing even if you are shopping with someone you know.

Wear Your Mask Properly

Another safety shopping tip that you must follow all the time is to wear your mask properly. Wearing a mask has significantly helped in decreasing the number of COVID-19 cases all over the world as it prevents the virus from entering the human bodies. So, if you will be going to a shopping mall, you must wear your mask all the time. You may only take off your mask once you get home.

Avoid Touching Surfaces

Many people used to touch the handrails, escalators, door handles, glass, and other surfaces on shopping malls before. However, with the existence of the COVID-19 pandemic, these surfaces are advised to be not touched by people to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. But if you got no choice but to touch them, then you have to wash your hands properly and apply some hand sanitiser.

Carry Your Shopping Bags

The shopping bags in shopping malls may be clean, but you still have to do everything to keep yourself and your family safe. If possible, you might want to carry your own shopping bags so that you do not have to worry about bringing in some illnesses. Aside from preventing COVID-19 from infecting you, carrying your own bags can be a great way to save the environment from obtaining more wastes.

Maximise the Escalator

Shopping malls and other similar establishments often have lifts to transport people from one level to another. They are likewise meant for people who have difficulties using the escalator. If you can still reach and utilise the escalator without any issues, then you must maximise it instead. Lifts are enclosed spaces. And if many people will be using them, the chances of obtaining the virus can be drastic.

For a safe shopping experience, feel free to visit us at High Street Bowral.

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