6 Service Providers You Can Find Inside High Street Bowral

June 28, 2022

Shopping centres are usually filled with restaurants, fashion stores, and other stores that provide excellent products to customers. But as time passes, they are slowly loaded with service-oriented establishments that provide different types of services to shoppers.

At High Street Bowral, we believe that incorporating service providers into our shopping centre can help people acquire their needed services while they are shopping for their needs. Allowing service providers to lease some of our spaces likewise provides customers with the means to just find whatever they need without travelling from one place to another.

To date, here are 6 service providers that you can find inside High Street Bowral.

  1. Northrop Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd (Shop 9A)

Established in 1976, Northrop is an engineering consultancy that is highly experienced in providing civil, structural, and building services. This service provider also has extensive experience when it comes to emerging and niche engineering services. Northrop customises its offerings to work standalone or come together as a successful multidisciplinary team, which are all possible as they already have more than 400 people across NSW, ACT, QLD, and VIC.

  1. The Edge Physiotherapy (Shop 24)

The Edge Physiotherapy in Bowral is equipped with specialised equipment and filled with lights to ensure that its clients will feel relaxed when opting for clinic and telehealth physiotherapy services. They can cover Medicare, private health, and self-referral. They can likewise process on-site health rebates, offer online bookings, and provide versatile options in acquiring their services.

  1. Motiei& Woodward (Shop 25)

Motiei& Woodward can all types of residential, commercial, and industrial services to clients from the Southern Highlands region and beyond. Their experience team can carry out strategic planning and offer innovative solutions that are necessary to achieve high-quality workmanship and management. Their employees can likewise carry out excellent services as the company has invested in high-quality equipment, tools, and accessories.

  1. Aura Partners (Shop 25B)

Business owners who want to ensure that their finances are handled properly can opt for the services of Aura Partners. Aura Partners is a boutique accounting and tax advisory firm that can provide excellent tax and accounting services to small to medium businesses, corporates, self-managed superannuation funds, investors, and executives. This firm can also give real-life advice and educated insights regarding business growth and development.

  1. Clearly Dental (Shops 26-28)

Taking care of your dental health is necessary to make your smile appealing to you and others. Clearly Dental, fortunately, is composed of local dentists who have been carrying out dental-related services to clients for years. And to make everything easier, this service provider allows customers to see their listing on their website, make online bookings, and attain valuable straight-up advice.

  1. See Saw Promotions (Shop 29)

From one business to another, See Saw Promotions helps businesses advertise their offerings and their brand by utilising Mobile Billboards. This service provider continuously pursues better and more unique ways of advertising, making it easier for companies and even organisations to advertise their operations, charity, production, event, and others.

To know more about their services, you can visit us at High Street Bowral.

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