Appreciating the Primary Design Elements of High Street Bowral Shopping Mall

July 27, 2021

To attract a lot of customers and retail store owners, owners of shopping malls have to come up with a design plan that would make their establishments structure simply unique from others. They have to ensure that their establishments are safe for people who want to shop for a long time. They likewise have to make sure that the spaces allocated for retail stores are functional enough to fulfil their needs. Ultimately, they have to make their shopping malls appealing to stabilise sales and establish awareness.

Most of these elements are satisfied by many shopping malls. And so, owners of shopping malls have to think of better ways to ensure that their businesses will perform well.

Fortunately, we, at High Street Bowral Shopping Mall, have built an establishment that seeks to complete the needs and wants of customers. We likewise have all the features that would ensure the success of various retail companies. And to make everything wonderful, we have integrated the following design elements into our shopping mall to make it truly unique for the community.

Interconnectivity to Surroundings

Poised to make everything reachable, our shopping mall exists to connect all crucial elements in the surroundings. Our establishment takes advantage of the busiest street of Bowral since it is already connected to a car park and shops. And with a significant increase in pedestrian traffic in the community, our two-storey retail arcade and commercial development can ensure that the shops inside can offer all the goods and services needed by nearby customers. A major supermarket is even connected on the next block from the shops, which is perfect for those who will be replenishing their essentials items.

Maximising Historical Streetscape

The historical streetscape of Bowral features elements that are difficult to overlook. Hence, we have adopted these elements and brought them into our two-storey retail arcade, all without imitating the past. Even the scale, character, and build form of the neighbouring buildings are somehow maintained to ensure that the High Street Bowral shopping mall can look and feel belong to the community. Rigorous reinterpretations of nearby materials are also conducted for our shopping mall. And as a result, we have embraced the use of timber seating and retractable roof to create a new public space.

Flexible and Sustainable Elements

High Street Bowral shopping mall does not only consider the design elements of the surroundings and the historical streetscape, but it also ensures the addition of elements that can provide flexibility and sustainability. Different lot sizes are available for retail store owners who want to offer their goods and services to the nearby community. And with support over customised external appearance and signage, our mall guarantees business owners the opportunity to do well. Sustainability, on the other hand, is present with our hanging planters and planter boxes, adjustable awnings, and an open-air design.

To know more about High Street Bowral shopping mall, feel free to visit us. We understand the ongoing community concern about the COVID-19. However, we remain open with a set of restrictions in place according to government guidelines to be able to provide important services to our local community.

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