March 17, 2022

The Bare Bites Bowls and Brew menu was created with the simple ethos of health, focusing on the core principles of wellness.

All our food is designed to nourish your body from within. This cafe was created from pure love and passion for natural, whole food ingredients.

Our priority is to create delicious food that is plant-based, healthy and fresh. We use all gluten-free, natural, organic, and nutritious ingredients. Everything is handled and made with care, creating food that promotes maximum health benefits. We make sure to harness and express the natural flavours of food. We are highlighting bitter, sweet, salty and astringent zests.

Plant-based ingredients have essential nutrients that are not available in other foods. They contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help support your immune system, reduce inflammation and improve gut health.

Food is such an essential part of our lives and every culture worldwide. We see it as our job to help bring people together and teach them about health, ingredients and minimising waste. Food, cooking and creation are all-powerful vehicles in encouraging people to share thoughts, traditions and time. Thank you very much for dipping your toes into the world we are creating here.

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