European Concept Shopping Mall in Sydney: High Street Bowral Highlights

March 26, 2021

Shopping malls have undergone many changes for the past few decades. From relying heavily on personal sales services to incorporating modern systems, shopping malls today can truly provide all the needs of the current generation of shoppers and customers.

And as shopping malls progress, the spaces integrated into these places have likewise evolved. Some shopping malls have incorporated areas dedicated to outdoor dining, while others have installed devices that would allow customers to connect freely on the web. These things are only some of the features that you can experience firsthand at High Street Bowral.

We, at High Street Bowral, believe that you and all other customers deserve a place that can be satisfying and relaxing. We make sure that all your needed products and services can be obtained and acquired. Our space is also relaxing, giving you and your companions more reasons to just spend fun quality time. The following are some highlights that you can experience and enjoy as you enter our shopping mall.

Distinctive Retail Brands

One great highlight about our shopping mall is that we are filled with retail brands that can truly entice the hearts of customers. We are certainly a one-stop destination for all your needs and wants. Shopping for generic products? We got it for you. Even products that are uniquely eclectic, we make sure that our retail brands can provide them to you. Some retail brand categories that we offer include giftware, florist, homewares, pharmacy, footwear, hairdresser, beautician, fashion, services, sporting, and jewellery. We likewise have casual and quicky cafes and food establishments that can satisfy your cravings.

Spacious Outdoor Piazza

Aside from retail brands, we also want our shopping mall to be appreciative of the outdoor environment and ambience. Therefore, High Street Bowral is complimented with a spacious outdoor piazza that would amplify your shopping experience as well as your companions’. Our alfresco piazza has numerous undercover public seating that allows you and your family or friends to sit and rest harmoniously. This specific area is likewise perfect for casual dining, given that the ambience of the outdoor is certainly calming and enjoyable. Your comfort, after all, is prioritised at our shopping mall.

Free Access to Everyone

And speaking of comfort, those who have a disability are very much welcome in our shopping mall. We seek to accommodate every member of the community, which is why we have allotted certain spaces and areas of the mall to welcome them freely. From direct access parking for the disabled to bathrooms, we make sure that everyone will feel very much loved as they roam around and visit our retail shops. Elevators are likewise available to ensure great accessibility to everyone. These elevators can help in bringing people to certain levels in just a short time.

To find out more about us, feel free to visit us at High Street Bowral. We understand the ongoing community concern about the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, we want to let you know that we are taking precautions and actions in accordance with government guideline to prioritise your well-being in our vicinity. We remain open with a set of restrictions in place according to government guidelines to be able to provide important services to our local community.


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