Everything You Should Know about Alfreso Dining in the New Normal Situation

January 25, 2022

The COVID-19 cases today are still increasing all over the world. Hence, countries are continuously implementing measures that can help slow down the spread of the coronavirus. Some of these measures include the strict compliance of minimum health protocols and the administering of vaccines.

One of the protocols that must be followed by the public is to wear masks. Another protocol is to maintain social distancing when going outdoors. And to ensure that these protocols are always followed, authorities have encouraged businesses to adapt to the situation. One prominent change that they have employed is to encourage businesses, particularly food businesses, to adopt alfresco dining.

An Overview of Alfresco Dining

Alfresco dining is a type of dining activity that is done outdoors. Before the pandemic, establishments that are situated in areas where comfortable outdoor conditions are present often maximise alfresco dining as part of their primary value proposition. As businesses embrace new normal, they are now adopting alfresco dining by converting their vacant outdoor spaces into eating areas.

Now, even if their outdoor spaces do not have fresh air, businesses are encouraged to invest in appliances that can maintain the coolness of their alfresco dining areas. Additionally, they are urged to provide enough spaces for guests to eat without risking the spread of COVID-19.

Alfresco Dining Known Benefits

Alfresco dining in the new normal situation does not only protect customers from COVID-19, but it can also provide more benefits for their overall health.

One of the benefits of alfresco dining is that it can provide a fresh environment to people. Most establishments before are investing in spaces that allow them to be cooled with air conditioning units. While these units can truly prevent customers from getting uncomfortable, the fresh air from outdoors can provide more health improvements to people. Some of these improvements include decreased anxiety, improved mood, enhanced concentration, and reduced stress levels.

Another benefit of alfresco dining is that it allows relationships to be stronger. Usually, indoor dining encourages people to just sit and stare at their phones. Alfresco dining, alternatively, allows friends and families to appreciate the outdoor views and interact more with each other.

Eat Safely at High Street Bowral

Given the current global health crisis, we at High Street Bowral, want to let you know that we are taking precautions and actions in accordance with government guidelines to prioritise your well-being. We remain open with a set of restrictions in place according to government guidelines to be able to provide important services to our local community.

Now, if you want to spend quality time with your family and friends amidst the pandemic, you can still visit us and enjoy our outdoor piazza. Our spacious outdoor piazza is fitted with an abundance of undercover public seating. It is likewise located in a quiet and relatively secluded area, making it perfect for resting and enjoying casual dining in an alfresco environment.

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