High Street Bowral Can Turn Your Shopping Mall Experience into a Beautiful Memory

April 17, 2022

The shopping mall experience of people may vary from one person to another. Some may find it amusing to roam around the building and explore new items and services, while others might find it boring and tiring. Of course, shopping malls aim to entice people who will be visiting their vicinities. But once people are not satisfied anymore, they might end up losing visitors and revenue.

To prevent these things from happening, we, at High Street Bowral, ensure that our shopping mall continuously offers features that will make shoppers like you happy and satisfied. If you want to turn your bad shopping mall experience from other malls into a beautiful one, you must visit us right away.

When visiting our shopping mall, you are conveniently greeted with the following astonishing features.

Relaxing Alfresco Dining

Even before the pandemic, our shopping mall has been offering alfresco dining to our customers. What is great about alfresco dining, after all, is it can provide a new space for people to eat their desired food without getting cramped inside an establishment. Another benefit of our alfresco dining setup is it can provide an astonishing outdoor view and quality fresh air to customers. We even have adjustable awnings, allowing retail stores to regulate the light and air throughout their operations. These benefits allow you and others to rest and enjoy your casual dining without getting distracted or disturbed.

Eco-Friendly Architecture

Most of the time, shopping malls will only provide empty spaces to retail stores that would want to rent them for a long time. We, fortunately, can already provide eco-friendly elements to these spaces. Through beautiful hanging planters and planter boxes, we ensure that our shopping mall will be sustainable, providing fresh air and a great view of the surroundings. We also incorporate a sophisticated irrigation system, allowing us to collect and distribute rainwater to tend the nearby plants.

Engagement with History

Our shopping mall is not only eco-friendly but is also engaged with the historical streetscape. Some of you might be in love with buildings that are tied with historical elements. Luckily, our shopping mall engages beautifully with the existing character of Bowral’s main street, integrating elements that allow us to strengthen the sense of local identity. Our engagement with the historical streetscape can be seen through parapet heights, which are similar to the surrounding buildings. Even our facades share the same elements found in nearby buildings by incorporating their materials and proportions.

Accessible Parking Spaces

One more feature that our shopping mall possesses is accessible parking spaces. Our mall is connected from Bowral’s busy street to a car park that can be accessed behind the main street buildings. The direct access parking available within the vicinity of our shopping mall allows customers like you to park your cars conveniently and go to your desired stores without any problems. Accessibility is even enhanced in the car park as it is fitted with an elevator and disabled bathrooms.

To have a delightful shopping mall experience, you must visit us now at High Street Bowral.

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