High Street Bowral Stores that Can Offer You Great Clothes and Personal Care Services

September 8, 2022

Many people continue to work and save money just to make sure that they can support their families and set up their goals. But most of them tend to forget themselves. As time passes, they just end up getting stressed as they fail to reward themselves occasionally.

Whether you just got recently promoted or have closed some deals with clients, rewarding yourself is essential to keep you motivated. Rewards do not even have to be associated with your career as you can still acquire them once you have achieved some personal goals.

We, at High Street Bowral, have a wide array of stores and establishments that you can visit to reward yourself with great clothes and personal care services.

Great Clothes and Shoes for Your OOTDs

The types of clothes and shoes you are wearing can easily tell who you are to others. And while some of them still look good on you, there are some clothing options that you may want to purchase just to express yourself better. New and trendy clothes and shoes can also be acquired so you can update your work or casual wardrobe from time to time.

Fortunately, stores that sell quality clothes and shoes are all available at High Street Bowral.

One of these stores is Gypsyroad Bowral. It is a lady’s fashion retailer that has been operating for more than 30 years. This store offers a wide array of accessories, dresses, jeggings, jumpsuits, kaftans, pants, shorts, skirts, and tops that can fit your taste. It even sells offerings from various brands such as Lula Soul, Naudic, Sassy Duck, and Willow Tree.

Celena is another store that offers specialised German high-end imports of tops, pants, skirts, and many more. As for the shoes, you can visit either SportsPower or Fera Shoes Bowral. For more than 25 years, SportsPower has been offering shoes from leading brands including Nike, Adidas, Converse, Sketchers, and many more to customers. Fera Shoes Bowral, alternatively, sell shoes from Ugg Australia, Easysteps, Hush Pippies, Grosby, and other reputable brands.

Look Fresh with Hair and Skin Treatment

Pampering yourself may cost you some money. However, it can provide you with health benefits that you cannot easily attain. These benefits include lower blood pressure, improved digestion, reduced stress, and boosted mood and concentration.

Some self-care activities you can do inside High Street Bowral are getting a haircut and skin care treatments. Hair on High by Versace is a store that specialises in cutting, styling, and colouring hair. This establishment also provides specialised hair products, hair treatments, and men’s haircut services, ensuring that they can conveniently cater to anyone.

Sheer Serenity is another establishment in High Street Bowral that can offer you self-care services. It is an award-winning skin and beauty clinic that can provide you with quality skin treatments by using clinically validated skin-care products and cosmetics. They also use high-quality white waxes designed for people with sensitive skin. Clinical-grade rejuvenation treatments, laser skin rejuvenation, IPL hair removal, pigmentation, and vascular treatments are also offered by Sheer Serenity.

If you want to know more about these stores, you can call us at (02) 4862 3000.

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