How High Street Bowral Provides Competitive Advantages to Tenants?

May 26, 2022

Shopping malls have seen multiple evolutions throughout their existence. Initially, they only provide a common area for stores offering products and services. But as time passes, they now allocate spaces for entertainment, leisure, and other similar purposes. They even cater to restaurants, fast-food franchises, and other foodservice businesses.

Their growth has allowed shopping malls to provide adequate spaces for businesses that want to expand their reach and increase their income. They must, however, incorporate elements that would surely entice businesses to collaborate with them. One of these elements is a competitive advantage.

Having a competitive advantage makes retail stores strong against their competitors in their respective industries and market. Given its importance, we, at High Street Bowral, have implemented the following things, allowing us to provide competitive advantages to our beloved retail store tenants.

Adaptable Space

One of the things that we provide to our tenants is an adaptable space. Not all retail stores share similar branding and values. Some may still follow the conventional way of arranging their shops, while others have adopted contemporary layout and styling. From the beginning, we have already anticipated the variations in retail store designs. Hence, our shopping mall has been designed with spaces that can accommodate the needs of the tenants. The only elements that we retain throughout the mall design are sustainable greeneries, an alfresco option, and a localised façade.

Tenant Mixture

Another thing that allows us to provide competitive advantages to tenants is the practice of mixing tenants carefully. It can be disastrous if we will be mixing retail stores without considering the industry and market that they are in. It can also be wasteful if we do not evaluate the profitability of the stores that will be renting the space. Mixing the right types of stores inside and even outside the mall can make the competition alive and even healthy since shoppers are provided with plenty of options.

Overall Experience

Providing a competitive advantage to tenants is what makes High Street Bowral favourable to a lot of business owners. Our shopping mall, after all, can provide an elevated experience to people who will be shopping or eating inside the establishment. From the interior design to the accessibility of the shopping mall, we ensure that the retail store tenants will remain competitive throughout their stay. With these features, the shared experience of the tenants and customers will be elevated, ensuring that they can benefit from each other instead of losing actual gains.

Distinctive Features

One more thing that allows us to provide competitive advantages to tenants is the presence of distinctive features. Retail stores can have difficulties in staying competitive if they are not located in an area with high foot traffic. The absence of competitors can likewise make shoppers unhappy. Our shopping mall, fortunately, has a distinct alfresco setup that entices retail stores to rent our space. We also offer quality parking spaces, free Wi-Fi connectivity, and sustainable elements that allow shoppers to visit us all the time. These distinctive features can then make our tenants stay competitive for a long time.

To know more about us, you can visit us at High Street Bowral.

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