Key Changes Brought by High Street Bowral to Bowral’s Public Realm

March 22, 2023

Many restaurants, stores, and others can be found inside shopping centres, which is why they are often visited by people nearby. Some shoppers may even come from far areas, driving their way to a specific shopping centre just to visit a particular establishment.

High Street Bowral is a shopping centre that you can find here in Bowral. One great thing about our shopping centre is we feature different groups of stores and establishments. Several stores cater to the clothing needs of customers, while others are intended to provide vital services to individuals who need medical assistance, business support, and many more. We even house restaurants and food service businesses to ensure that shoppers can eat whatever they want.

But the effect of High Street Bowral does not end with its visitors and shoppers. We possess the following elements that allowed us to bring key changes to Bowral’s public realm.

Enhanced Connection

Sometimes, the design of shopping centres only integrates elements that can entice people to visit their place. They, however, lack elements that can make their shopping centres valuable to their surroundings. High Street Bowral, on the other hand, enhances connectivity and walkability within the town. By constructing an active and attractive pedestrian link through the town centre and a line of small shops, our shopping centre ensures that people can reach various points in the area without worrying about their safety and security.

Improved Engagement

Another change that High Street Bowral has brought to Bowral’s public realm is improved engagement with the historical streetscape of the place. The Bowral’s main street maximises character, scale, and built form that is historical for many people in the community. And so, to ensure that High Street Bowral can work well with these qualities, the design of the shopping centre’s façade took cues from its surrounding buildings. Contemporary detailing was also maximised to the materials used in constructing the shopping centre’s interior and exterior.

Granted Sustainability

Sustainability ensures that future generations can still enjoy the resources of the planet by taking care of them right now. And since the goal of many communities right now is to be sustainable, High Street Bowral has incorporated sustainable elements into the general design and layout of its stores and facilities. A sophisticated irrigation system, for instance, traps rainwater so it can be distributed later to plants. Passive environmental features like adjustable awnings and operable shopfront are also present so that tenants can control their air and light, helping them save energy.

Guaranteed Quality

One more substantial change that High Street Bowral has contributed to the Bowral community is a high-quality shopping experience. Our shopping mall uses high-quality materials like local face brick and Australian granite paving to make High Street Bowral attractive and resistant to weather elements. Even the bespoke signage, street furniture, and street drains have been made from durable materials so they can last for a long time. The community can then enjoy shopping inside the shopping centre without expecting any issues with its structure.

If you want to shop at High Street Bowral, feel free to visit us at 310 – 312 Bong Bong Street, Bowral NSW 2576.

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