Primary Mall Ambient Factors that Affect the Shopping Experience of Customers

August 23, 2022

Shopping centres have been significant to many people since they already house multiple stores that offer a wide array of products and services. By visiting these establishments, shoppers do not have to travel to different places to acquire their needed items.

Of course, not all customers can easily be drawn and enticed to visit shopping centres. For a lot of these people, they must be provided with compelling reasons before they allocate their time going to a specific shopping mall. One element that could push or deter people from visiting a shopping centre is its overall ambience.

The overall ambience of a shopping mall showcases the main character and identity of the said place. Without incorporating the right ambient factors, customers might end up not returning to the mall due to a poor shopping experience. Here are some ambient factors that can directly affect the shopping experience of many customers.


One of the ambient factors that can affect the shopping experience of customers is temperature. People inside the shopping mall can feel comfortable walking around if their surrounding temperature makes them cosy. During colder days, it is recommended for a shopping mall to provide air temperatures of around 20 to 24 degrees Celsius to prevent people from getting too cold. Alternatively, a shopping mall should maintain indoor temperatures of 23 to 27 degrees Celsius to ensure their customers can roam comfortably.

Air Quality

Aside from temperature, another ambient factor that can alter the shopping experience of customers is air quality. Sometimes, the air inside a shopping mall may be bombarded with harmful elements. If the air inside the shopping mall is filled with microbes, dust particles, and other similar elements, it can easily affect customers who may be sensitive to these things. It can likewise lead to customers and even store employees getting sick. Maximising clean and high-quality filters can prevent these problems from happening.


A store with humid surroundings will only deter people from staying in the said place for a long time. As for the establishment, it would easily lead to lower sales and fewer customers. The same effect can be experienced if the whole shopping mall has excessive humidity levels. To ensure that customers can attain a great experience in a shopping centre, the said establishment should have humidity levels of between 40 to 60%. Exceeding or falling below these humidity levels will only prevent people from staying longer or even coming back.


One more ambient factor that can affect the shopping experience of mallgoers is the cleanliness of the shopping centre. Cleanliness is a crucial ambient factor that can either entice or deter people from entering an establishment. With a clean shopping centre, customers are ensured to shop in a place free from dirty elements. They would likewise feel safer shopping as they do not have to worry about getting sick as they roam around stores and establishments. The shops will also remain appealing to customers, helping them become profitable.

All these ambient factors, fortunately, have been considered thoroughly to optimise the shopping experience of customers at High Street Bowral. Feel free to visit us to enjoy the products and services offered by our stores.

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