The Behaviour of Urban Shoppers: What Do They Look for in Shopping Malls and Retail Shops?

March 14, 2021

Amidst the rise of e-commerce, owners of shopping malls and retail shops are still finding ways on how to attract customers to visit or buy from them. A lot of them are even open to mixing both physical and digital shops just to accommodate different types of shoppers.

Urban shoppers are significant to the retail industry. They are typically comprised of residents who are living within the boundaries of a city. Those who are entering urban areas during weekdays just to shop for their needed products can likewise be considered urban shoppers. What makes them significant to the industry is that they encourage shopping malls and retail shops to improve their customer services, product offerings, as well as the general fit-out of their physical spaces.

To ensure that most urban shoppers will buy some products, owners of the malls and shops must study their behaviours and ways of thinking. They must likewise know and assess all the things that these shoppers might be looking for in their respective shopping malls and retail shops.

Item Replenishments

The most prominent reason for customers’ shopping mall and retail shop visits is to look for and purchase frequently used items and products. These urban shoppers would typically focus on shops that will certainly offer them the products that they need or want. They would likewise replenish items that they use all the time between their stock-up shopping trips. For mall or shop owners, this type of behaviour enables them to design their spaces and provide special offers that can certainly attract shoppers to visit them, look for their needed items, ask for all information about the items, and ultimately purchase them.

Social Engagements

Another element that urban shoppers look for in malls and shops is a place for physical interaction. Even with the rise of social media sites, physical interactions are still the ultimate form of spending time with family and friends. Shopping malls and retail shops that offer comfortable environments and beautiful spaces for social engagements are favourable for people these days, no matter what their generations are. So, apart from shopping for their needed products, urban shoppers also want to combine their shopping time with relevant social exchanges and even share memories on the internet through photos.

Convenient Experience

And ultimately, urban shoppers want to obtain the best shopping experience that they could get out of shopping malls and retail shops. High-quality products and great social engagements will be not enough if the overall experience of the shoppers inside the retail establishments is bad. Urban shoppers want to make their shopping experience fast and convenient, which can be done by adding streamlined order and pick-up service and more digital payment options. They are also encouraged to purchase from a store that has approachable and knowledgeable personnel, those who can truly value their presence.

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