The Benefits and Drawbacks of Alfresco Dining

July 25, 2022

In the past, almost all food establishment owners allocate a huge portion of their interior spaces for dining areas. But as time passes, more and more business owners are leaning towards alfresco dining set up as one of their primary eating areas for their beloved customers.

Alfresco dining setup has been existing for years now. But with the occurrence of the pandemic, health authorities have pointed out that well-ventilated places can offer people protection against the spread of COVID-19 and even other diseases. And one area where ventilation is abundant is the outdoors.

Outdoor dining or alfresco dining can provide tons of benefits to customers. But similar to indoor dining, it also has some drawbacks and limitations that one should be aware of.

Benefits of Alfresco Dining

Alfresco dining allows people to eat their favourite meals outdoors. Food establishments normally offer alfresco dining if they have covered patios. This type of dining can also exist in food establishments that maximise outdoor fireplaces. Shopping malls, fortunately, also cater to alfresco dining by converting traditional walkways into outdoor dining areas.

One great benefit of alfresco dining is it can offer a fresh and even natural ambience to customers. Many people are already used to seeing fancy interiors of food establishments. Since outdoor dining setup relies heavily on the surroundings, it gives people a new type of experience when spending quality time with their family, friends, and loved ones. They get to see people passing by. They can likewise spot the beautiful views and weather outdoors. Even fresh air can be obtained when dining outdoors.

Another alfresco dining advantage that indoor dining may sometimes lack is the existence of more space. Indoor dining is often restricted by the amount of space allocated for the dining area. Alfresco dining, on the other hand, can provide customers with more seating areas, especially if the establishment covers a large area. With additional spaces, customers do not have to wait for half an hour just to order and eat.

Drawbacks of Alfresco Dining

An alfresco dining setup can truly enhance the dining experience of customers. They may, however, encounter some drawbacks and limitations when dining outdoors.

For one, alfresco dining can be affected heavily by weather, especially when it rains tremendously. Strong winds can also affect the dining experience of people outdoors since their food items may end up getting knocked down or dispersed erratically. As for the establishments, they must invest in new outdoor furniture pieces to ensure that they can withstand various weather elements.

Another drawback of alfresco dining is it may lead to a shortage of restrooms or toilets. You see, indoor restrooms and toilets can only accommodate a limited number of people. If customers both from the inside and outside of an establishment would need to use these facilities, they have no choice but to fall in line and wait for their turn, which can be somehow time-consuming.

Insects and falling leaves outside may also hinder some people from enjoying their meals. There are times when these things are not that abundant. But when they do, they can easily deter people from finishing their food, forcing them to just ask for their food to be packaged for later consumption.

Alfresco dining may have some limitations, but its benefits often outweigh them significantly. To experience excellent alfresco dining, you can visit us at High Street Bowral.

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