The Essence of Offering Free Wi-Fi to Customers in Shopping Centres

February 24, 2022

Internet connectivity has been one of the factors that introduce key advances to technology. This specific connectivity back then was even considered to be a premium perk for establishments that offer them.

Today, however, the majority of people are connected to the internet. Most of their works and activities even rely on internet connection. And so, owners of establishments allocate a portion of their budget just to keep their places connected to the internet. Internet connection and other forms of connectivity, after all, are already considered to be a need these days.

Shopping centres, therefore, would typically set up free Wi-Fi connections for customers to utilise. By offering free Wi-Fi to customers, shopping centres can easily attain the following benefits.

Increased Customer Visits

One of the benefits of offering free Wi-Fi to customers is it can increase the number of visits to a shopping centre. A shopping centre is already a great place for people to go to since it boasts shops that offer different products and services. Its advantage, however, can be amplified by offering free Wi-Fi to customers since this specific connectivity can help them stay online even during their shopping hours.

Enhanced Store Exposure

Another benefit of offering free Wi-Fi to customers in a shopping centre is it can enhance the exposure of stores. As customers maximise their free Wi-Fi connections, they tend to stay connected online. They likewise tend to stay in retail stores for a significant amount of time. Their average time staying in a particular shop can become longer as long as they have a free and stable internet connection.

More Advertising Options

The growth of e-commerce has normally helped businesses gain exposure. It can even help increase sales and make customer service more accessible. Free Wi-Fi connections inside a shopping centre, however, can also be a great opportunity to advertise the retail stores and the shopping centre in general. Landing pages where customers must sign up for the internet, for instance, can help advertise them.

Boosted Overall Revenues

Free Wi-Fi connections do not only increase customer visits and enhance store exposure, but they can also help in boosting the overall revenues of stores. Wi-Fi connections enable customers to quickly check the customer reviews of the products available in the physical stores. Once checked, they would typically go to the store, browse the checked products, and buy them.

Modified Custom Tracking

Somehow related to advertising, offering free Wi-Fi connections to customers can help shopping centres track their customers effectively. Collecting customer data legally can be done since the networks used for the connections are controlled by the shopping centres. Once customer data is collected, shopping centres and retail stores can use them to implement personalised promotions to customers.

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