The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic to Mall Shoppers

October 11, 2021

Despite the quick generation and distribution of vaccines, the spread of COVID-19 continues around the world. However, the prolonged duration of the pandemic does not stop shopping malls from conducting their operations, just to ensure that everyone can obtain their needed products.

Shopping malls and other similar establishments have to offer essential items and food products to consumers. Without these physical retail properties, it would be difficult for people who do not want to opt for online shopping to obtain their needed products. Of course, due to the pandemic, shopping malls and others have experienced and observed numerous significant changes in terms of their daily operations. One specific element that has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic is consumer behaviour.

Given the potential effects and spread rate of COVID-19, mall shoppers have adopted numerous behavioural changes just to ensure that they do not get infected by the coronavirus. Here are some changes that mall shoppers have embraced due to the ongoing pandemic.

Contactless Interaction

Before the pandemic, mall shoppers used to touch the items inside the store without any hesitation. They even bring some cash and coins to purchase their desired items. Today, alternatively, a lot of people do not touch things that frequently anymore since the coronavirus can stay on the surfaces of the items for hours or even days. They likewise maximise cards or smartphones in paying for their items. For them, keeping everything contactless is one of the easy ways in protecting themselves from potential COVID-19 infection, which is likewise extremely recommended by health authorities.

Physical Distancing

The sight of shopping malls getting crowded during sales and rush hours may not be seen during the pandemic as mall shoppers tend to distance themselves from others. Since government and health authorities mandate establishments to strictly implement physical distancing among shoppers and employees, mall shoppers have no choice but to follow them. And as the pandemic continues, mall shoppers have already accepted the fact that maintaining their personal spaces can certainly keep them safe while they are outdoors. The social distancing protocol has changed the way shoppers behave.

Spending Alterations

Another change that mall shoppers have embraced due to the COVID-19 pandemic is the shift in their spending. Various lockdowns, as well as major economic shakeups, have forced many people to just spend on essential items, especially those that can be found locally. Food items, cleaning products, and other products related to health and wellness are the only ones that are prioritised by mall shoppers whenever they visit the shops. Due to this significant change, physical stores that offer other items like apparel and accessories must find other ways to ensure that their businesses remain afloat.

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