The Positive Impact of Achieving a Sustainable Environment in High Street Bowral

August 6, 2021

A shopping mall can bring tons of products and services to consumers. From delicious meals to essential items, this specific establishment is guaranteed to provide all the needs or wants of the people.

But there are more aspects of a shopping mall that must be considered to make it successful. For one, it should ensure that the stores will certainly offer the best products or services to people. A shopping mall should likewise be in an area where the community can maximise its existence. Additionally, this specific establishment must have physical spaces that can boost the shopping experience of customers.

Integrating a sustainable environment in a shopping mall is one great way of enhancing the shopping experience of customers.

Achieving a Sustainable Environment in Shopping Malls

The call for achieving a sustainable environment in shopping malls and even other types of buildings has increased over the past few decades. With the help of various architects, planners, and other professionals around the world, sustainable shopping malls have continuously emerged to provide great benefits to not only the consumers but also the environment.

Sustainability in shopping malls can be achieved by maximising the resources available. It can also be done if the natural and artificial elements will all be balanced. Some key factors to consider in building a sustainable shopping mall include daylight, solar control, thermal capacity, and natural ventilation. The right combination of these factors can ensure that the mall can be energy-efficient and cost-effective.

One great way of achieving a sustainable environment in shopping malls is to maximise natural light. Instead of bombarding the establishments with artificial lights, they must have adequate spaces that would allow daylight to enter freely. The same must be done when it comes to ventilation. Allowing the natural air to flow freely is better than blasting the HVAC system units. Another way to achieve a sustainable environment in shopping malls is to fit in with the existing natural elements. If the surroundings have plenty of greeneries, then a mall should likewise maximise them.

High Street Bowral Maximises Key Sustainable Features

We, at High Street Bowral, maximise a couple of sustainable features that make us great for the community.

First, we integrated several hanging planters and planter boxes above tenancies so that retail store owners and consumers can feel more comfortable and livelier. After all, the existence of greeneries at eye level can soften edges and define spaces. They can even enhance the appearance of the whole area of the mall. And for the plants to live for a long time, a sophisticated yet useful irrigation system is in place to carry out the collection and distribution of rainwater to the greeneries.

Another sustainable feature that our shopping mall currently has is the presence of adjustable awnings. Awnings are a great addition to our shopping mall since they can be versatile. These features can be extremely helpful since they allow adequate fresh air to the surroundings. They can likewise protect people from heavy rainfall and extreme sunlight.

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