Why Should Shopping Malls Adopt Alfresco Dining amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic?

November 4, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught business owners many lessons. For one, it reminded them of the importance of strictly following personal hygiene protocols. It has also taught them how to react to and deal with the current situation smartly.

Reacting to and dealing with the current global health crisis can be difficult, especially during its first few months. But as time passes, business owners learn new things from health authorities, who are also constantly finding new information about COVID-19. And as health authorities pointed out, businesses, especially those that are part of the foodservice industry, should adopt alfresco dining for them to continue their operations efficiently and safely.

Shopping malls are known for housing different restaurants and other dining establishments. Hence, they must adopt alfresco dining amidst the COVID-19 pandemic due to the following reasons:

Enhanced Natural Ventilation

People who are confined in a closed indoor space are known to have a higher risk of obtaining COVID-19 since the air inside continuously circulates without any replenishment. Those who are situated outside, alternatively, have a lower chance of getting sick thanks to better air quality and natural ventilation. Since alfresco dining entails the placement of the dining area outdoors, customers can then somehow feel safer and more comfortable while eating their favourite meals with their loved ones.

Assured Physical Distancing

Restaurants and other dining places in shopping malls are usually constructed to be cramped so they can maximise the number of people coming to their places. Without adapting to the current situation, these spaces would not be able to assure physical distancing, which puts many people at risk of getting COVID-19. Adopting alfresco dining for restaurants and other related establishments, alternatively, assures customers that physical distancing will be followed meticulously.

Improved Social Relationship

The start of the pandemic has abruptly prevented people from meeting their loved ones due to numerous lockdowns. And despite the presence of video communication platforms, the interaction among people is still restricted. Now that the authorities somehow allow people to physically spend time together, alfresco dining can be a great way of improving social relationships again. After all, outdoor dining allows people to appreciate the surroundings while catching up with their friends instead of looking at their phones.

Guaranteed Comfy Experience

One more reason why shopping malls should adopt alfresco dining is that they can make sure that customers can have a comfortable experience. Foodservice establishments that embrace alfresco dining can easily gain more customers as the latter want to be relaxed while catching up with their loved ones while appreciating the outdoor views. What makes outdoor dining great for people is that it calms their overall sensory experience through varying sights and scents.

Alfresco dining can be a great way of allowing people to enjoy their meals without putting them at risk of obtaining COVID-19. It can likewise improve social relationships and provide a fresh perspective without depending heavily on phones or computers.

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