4 Benefits of Having a Spacious Outdoor Piazza in a Shopping Mall

May 8, 2023

Shopping malls are designed to entice shoppers to roam around for a long time so they can shop, dine, and do other things that can benefit both the shoppers and business owners. These malls, after all, dedicate spaces for restaurants and shops to conduct their businesses.

But aside from the said spaces, shopping malls can also encourage people to shop and stay in their vicinity by adding features to their establishments. Most shopping malls today add enough parking spaces to ensure shoppers can park their cars conveniently. Others likewise add elevators and other similar elements to make it easier for people to go from one level to another.

However, one great addition to shopping malls that can surely entice shoppers to visit them frequently is a spacious outdoor piazza.

Key Features of an Outdoor Piazza

An outdoor piazza is an open-air public space that is often located in commercial settings like shopping malls or retail centres. It has been a common feature in European towns and cities. And to ensure that the Australian community can appreciate this feature, we at High Street Bowral integrated an outdoor piazza into our shopping centre.

This specific mall feature is designed to be an attractive, inviting, and functional space that allows people and shoppers to spend time outdoors. It likewise allows them to socialise and enjoy the surrounding environment.

To help make the space comfortable, it is often equipped with benches, gardens, fountains, and outdoor cafes or restaurants. It may also feature outdoor seating areas, water features, planters, sculptures, and food and beverage outlets.

General Benefits of Outdoor Piazza 

A well-designed outdoor piazza in a shopping mall can offer a wide array of benefits to shoppers and retailers. Some of its benefits are as follows.

1. Enhanced shopping experience: A spacious outdoor piazza can enhance the overall shopping experience for customers since it can provide a space where they can take a break or have a meal or drink. It can then help shoppers feel more relaxed and refreshed, encouraging them to spend more time in the shopping mall.

2. Increased foot traffic: Another benefit of an outdoor piazza is it can entice more shoppers to the mall. Once they know an outdoor piazza exists in shopping malls, it will entice them to relax and socialise in this area with their friends. It can then help retailers boost their sales and revenue, as more people will be going to the mall and the stores within it.

3. Improved branding and image: A well-designed and spacious outdoor piazza can improve the overall branding and image of the shopping mall. With the right design and functional features, an outdoor piazza allows a mall to stand out from its competitors and create a positive and lasting impression on shoppers.

4. Boosted community engagement: An outdoor piazza, ultimately, can provide opportunities for the mall to engage with the local community. These opportunities include hosting charity events, farmer’s markets, or other community-focused activities. It can strengthen the mall’s relationship with the local community and create a sense of community involvement.

Investing in a spacious outdoor piazza can be a smart and lucrative decision for any shopping mall looking to improve its profitability and customer experience. Visit us now at High Street Bowral if you want to spend quality time with your loved ones on our outdoor piazza.

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