Alfresco Piazza at High Street Bowral: A Brief History of Outdoor Dining

January 23, 2023

Many people enjoy dining inside a shopping mall since they get to enjoy their meals without getting bothered by weather elements outdoors. They also prefer indoor dining as it is less noisy than the outdoors, allowing them to talk to their families or friends without raising their voices.

But many shoppers already enjoy outdoor dining in the past. And with the steady rebirth of outdoor dining today, people of this generation can somehow understand why it is preferred by some over the more casual and popular indoor dining. But before going through its perks, you may want to know first the brief history of outdoor dining.

A Quick History of Outdoor Dining

Outdoor dining has been carried out by civilisations ages ago, particularly in the Middle Ages. During these times, lords who hunted for leisure would devote their time to hunting feasts. Once they have captured some food, they would then hold outdoor meals and invite a few people from their own class. The practice of outdoor dining would then go on and continue in the 18th century, as wealthy families would pay for private gardens to enjoy outdoor treats.

Picnics and other outdoor dining settings subsequently became a common activity among families and friends. During these feasts, they are expected to bring their own food and set up the areas where they would eat the said food and have a fun conversation among themselves.

The popularity of these outdoor dining settings has ultimately led to the opening of restaurants, cafes, and others that allocate outdoor spaces for dining purposes. From rooftop restaurants to sidewalk cafes and even beer gardens, the proliferation of outdoor dining has paved way for people to have a unique experience of viewing the outdoors while enjoying their meals.

Key Advantages of Outdoor Dining 

Tons of advantages are associated with outdoor dining.

First, people who are eating outside with their families or friends can feel happier and less stressed. As they spend their time outdoors, they get to see the view of the surroundings, which can be difficult to spot if they are eating inside a restaurant or café. The views they can spot outside can sometimes uplift their mood, especially if the surroundings are filled with trees, beautiful buildings, people walking their pets, and many more.

Outdoor dining can also be beneficial for many people since it can improve their overall health. Exposure to sunlight and fresh air can sometimes enhance one’s body as they sometimes provide nutrients. And since they are outdoors, people do not have to worry about breathing in circulated air that may boast some viruses and other harmful microbes.

Alfresco Dining at High Street Bowral

If you want to experience the benefits of outdoor dining here in Australia, you can visit us at High Street Bowral. Our spacious outdoor piazza is fitted with a lot of undercover public seating so you and others can sit a while and enjoy eating. Our piazza is a quiet and relatively secluded area, making it perfect for resting and enjoying casual dining.

You can check our online directory to know our food establishments and other store offerings.

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