6 Service Outlets You Can Find at High Street Bowral

March 7, 2023

People often go to shopping malls to purchase various products. Some may want to try on different clothes and buy them for their everyday work. Others, alternatively, spend their time with their families or friends by dining in at a restaurant.

But shopping malls also have service outlets and establishments that people can visit if ever they require specific things to be done for or to them. One of these services may have to do with their overall healthcare. Another service that some businesses in shopping malls carry out has to deal with bookkeeping, which can be helpful for people who want to keep their records accurate and file their taxes ahead of the deadline.

At High Street Bowral, we know how important these services are to our shoppers. Hence, we have allocated spaces for service outlets that may provide you with healthcare, business, or other services. Some outlets you can find at our shopping centre are as follows.

1. Hannaford Eyewear

Hannaford Eyewear is an award-winning eyewear store that provides solutions to customers who may have issues with their eyesight. The knowledge and experience of its honourable team can provide clients comfort and relief whenever they have their eyes checked. This service outlet features two consultation rooms equipped with retinal cameras, making sure that doctors get test results accurately. Hannaford Eyewear in High Street Bowral also houses the latest lens edging equipment, which helps cut, edge, and grind optical lenses.

2. Northop Consulting Engineers

If you are looking for some experts in the field of construction, you may want to visit Northop Consulting Engineers. It is a locally owned engineering consultancy that is highly experienced in civil, structural, building services, and sustainability. They are also experienced in emerging and niche engineering services, which can be carried out by their multidisciplinary team.

3. The Edge Physiotherapy

The Edge Physiotherapy has a professional team that can bring extensive clinical experience to clients. Their team can carry out a wide range of therapeutic techniques to effectively promote a healthy lifestyle to customers like you. These techniques include manual therapy, dry needling, studio and home exercise-based therapy, ultrasound, and so on. Aside from their professional employees, The Edge Physiotherapy also boasts a custom-designed physiotherapy clinic to encourage clients to stay relaxed and feel at home throughout their stay.

4. Aura Partners

Aura Partners is a boutique accounting and tax advisory firm that provides expertise acquired from years of experience at the top 4 global accounting firms. This service outlet focuses on servicing small to medium businesses, self-managed superannuation funds, corporates, investors, and executives both locally and internationally. Aside from tax and accounting services, Aura Partners can also provide real-life advice and educated insights about business growth, development, and others.

5. Clearly Dental

Another service outlet you can find at High Street Bowral is Clearly Dental. Clearly Dental features local dentists with valuable experience and expertise, who can all help in taking care of you and your family in terms of dental-related treatments. They even offer oral hygiene tips, making sure that your oral health will be maintained optimally.

6. SeeSaw Promotions

Ultimately, SeeSaw Promotions is a fresh innovative business that is an expert in advertising. They take advantage of mobile billboards, allowing businesses to pursue unique ways of advertising their products, services, events, production, and many more.

To acquire these services, you can visit us at High Street Bowral.

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